Shooting the Moon

7 hour, 30 min and counting…..

That is exactly when NASA’s LCROSS (Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite) will “bomb” the moon. Yes, this is intentional. After recent discovery of water signatures on the moon, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) decided to shoot the moon with the intention of collecting dust residue from the projected 6-mile-high impact cloud it will create. To see this wonder live in Portland, Oregon, visit OMSI at 3:30 am, or Click here for other public viewings throughout the US.

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  1. I read your post at 10 or so that night, and almost freaked out about having to miss the OMSI viewing (ergh... 4am does not mix well with a following 9 hour school/work day). But then the next day, well rested on my full night's sleep, I found out there wasn't much to see anyway.


    It's an awesome idea which I hope yields some progressive results! But really... so, so happy that I didn't camp out.